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Mosaics and medallions are an example of the endless creativity of stonework. We offer an extensive selection of mosaics in various colors, a range of surfaces including Split-Faced, Tumbled and Polished, and several shapes such as Diamonds, Octangles, Broken pieces and combinations of shapes.
Our medallions are a creative and eye-catching way of adding a focal point to large expanses, drawing attention to corners, niches or other spaces, or breaking up tiling with splashes of color. Like the mosaics, these decorative works of art may also be custom-designed.
All mosaic and medallion materials of all shades are available in all finished, for virtually unlimited possibilities in creativity.
Types of Materials:
Travertine       Noce, Light, Yellow, Red, Mixed
Marble            Black, White, Green, Brown, Beige
Lime Stone     Limasol, Sea Grass, Forest
Finishes          Honed, Polished, Tumbled
Thickness       1cm

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